Top 10 Fluffy Animals

By Joann

September 1, 2014 Cute and Cuddly No comments

Fluffy Dog

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Looking at this dog will make you wonder if you’re looking at a dog or a bear. Chow Chow is one of the most popular fluffy dog breeds. They may be hard to train because of their stubborn nature but you can’t resist their cuteness (can you?).

Fluffy Rabbit

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The Angora rabbit is cute beyond words! They are among the oldest types of rabbit bred domestically for its wool.

Fluffy Pig

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If you think pigs are created the same then you must check out the Mangalitsa pig. This rare breed of pig is quite peculiar for its fleece.

Fluffy Cat

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Feline lovers adored this cat breed. Persian cats are distinct for their long hair and round face (and fierce-looking eyes).

Fluffy Penguin

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No, you’re not looking at a plush animal. You’re actually staring at a king penguin, the second largest penguin. See them for yourself at Antarctica.

Fluffy Bird

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Birds are not just all about feathers and beaks; fluffy birds exist too. A look at this baby albatross will make you think if there’s more out there (definitely there is).

Fluffy Fox

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Common in the Arctic region (hence the name), the Arctic fox is among the many things that you should look for if you happen to be in the Northern Hemisphere. They feed on small animals and usually stay with the same group for years.

Fluffy Alpaca

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This fluffy animal is not a llama but an alpaca. Commonly found in South America, the alpacas are raised for their fleece. They usually feed on grasses.

Fluffy Cattle

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A cattle like this in your farm will definitely catch attention. Well, who wouldn’t give this hairy Scottish cattle a second look?

Fluffy Owl

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If you think Tweety bird is cute then check out this real thing. This fluffy owl is so adorable that you just want to take it home with you.

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