Top Ten Animals v Animals

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Top Ten Animals v Animals

Jaguar v Crocodile

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WATCH THE VIDEO,   Who is the Winner?

Who said cats don’t like water, this is a fascinating watch from the safety of your own arm chair.

A sneaky stalk with a well informed commentary so you don’t miss the slightest detail, that jaguar must have some teeth !



Spider v Ant

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WATCH THE VIDEO,   Who is the Winner?

That is some leap for a little ant, what was he thinking !

 Praying Mantis v Gecko


Find out more about Animals v Animals – Praying Mantis v Gecko


The praying Mantis is a serious predator of insects but how does it get on when matched with a small lizard, the gecko.

This one is no match at all, not everything in nature is a dead certainty.


 Tarantula v Wasp

Tarantula hawk wasps have a particularly nasty life cycle, if you are a tarantula that is. They seek out female tarantulas in their burrows  solely with the intention of laying on egg in the tarantulas body. The wasp searches for the spider and stings it, this paralyses the arachnid but doesn’t kill it. The wasp then drags it to its nest or covered burrow where the single egg hatches. The larva feeds on the tarantula slowly burrowing into the body of the still living spider! keeping the spider alive for as long as possible before emerging as an adult.

Luckily the wasps only target their selected host but beware if you are crazy enough to deliberately antagonise one and do get stung the pain is said to be one of the most painful you can get from an insect.

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 Python v Aligator

Burmese pythons have made South Florida home and have risen to the top of the list as a predator. They can grow to over 20ft long and these large constricting snakes have little to fear in the warm waters of the  Everglades today.

Top predators like american crocodiles and alligators feed on many tyopes of other reptiles  and that includes pythons. They have little trouble feeding on the smaller younger snakes but a fully grown constricting python with it ability to slither through the undergrowth should not be ignored.

They will attack smaller alligators when hungry with some interesting outcomes sometimes! Python vs Alligator was filmed by Heiko Kiera aka Ojatro near the Everglades in 2009.

WATCH THE VIDEO,   Didn’t expect that at all !

Cobra v Mongoose

This rivalry takes us back to the Rudyard Kipling stories of “Rikki-Tikki-Tavi” and the original story in The Jungle Book (1894) about a brave and valiant young mongoose.

WATCH THE VIDEO,   Classic real life drama ! 

Shark v Seal

Only one outcome here but there is clear evidence of unique adaptation in order to stay ahead of the game. This is animals v animals at its most ruthless.

WATCH THE VIDEO,   If you are fascinated by sharks this IS A MUST WATCH VIDEO ! 

Owl v Grouse

Snowy Owl

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Eagle v Fish

Bald Eagle

The bald eagle is an icon of America’s outdoors.

The bald eagle seen here with its catch is on the Mississippi River, Iowa. The definition of the flight feathers is really pronounced.

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 Killer Whale v Man



Most of the comments seem to think this isn’t true, but we have seen them taking seals haven’t we?

WATCH THE VIDEO,   No, that can’t possibly happen, can it?

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