Top Ten Cute Cats

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Cute Cats

Crashed out

Cat asleep on back


Cats spend 2/3 rds of their life asleep, which means they are only awake for about 2 days in a week ! When it comes to kittens they need their sleep to develop, as the hormone in them that makes them grow is only released when they are asleep.



It is well known that dogs like chocolate even hough it is not good for them, on the other hand cats do not have a sweet tooth at all as that gene is missing from their genetic makeup.

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 Soo Fluffy

Grey fluff balls

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Cats can hear better than dogs and have the ability to detect high frequency up to 2 octaves higher than humans can hear.


Leopard Kitten

Leopard cat

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Cats have to come down trees backwards because of the direction of their claws and their back claws get worn down as only the front claws retract.

They only have sweat glands on their paws.




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Ginger Kitten

Cats can see in much dimmer light than we can and have better peripheral vision, but colour is not so good, we think cats see grass as red!

Ginger cats

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Give us a cuddle

Cats have a fast er heartbeat than humans, their hearts beat twice as fast as us at 110-140 beats a minute.

Cats cuddling

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Take That!

Cats when they stalk keep their heads level, this differs from humans and dogs whose heads bob up and down.

A group of cats is called a clowder and they can make about 100 different sounds as opposed to dogs who can only make 10. They very rarely make meows to other cats, only to humans and will purr spit and of course hiss at other cats.



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Cats can travel at speeds up to 30 mph over a short distance and can jump up to 5 times their own height in a single leap.

Some cats have survived fall of over 30 metres because they have a righting reflex, this means their eyes and balance organs let them know which way is up, so that they land on their feet. Having a tail or not has no effect on this ability.

Grey kitten with daisy

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Cuts rub to mark their territory with glands on their face, paws and tail though it may well also be a sign of affection. They give birth to between 1 and 9 kittens though one mother produced 19 kittens of which 15 survived.

In 7 years a single pair of cats could produce 420,000 cats.

Cats are incredibly flexible having 53 bones in their backs, we only have 34. Cats do not like water because their fur is a poor insulator so they get cold quickly, breeds of cats that swim do so because their fur is adapted.


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Cats have 12 whiskers on each side of their face and their noses have ridges that make them unique, like our fingerprints.

Chillaxing Cat


chillaxing cat



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