Top Ten Desert Animals

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Top Ten Desert Animals - Camel

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The humps on the camels are not water reservoirs but rather a storage place for their fatty tissues. Keeping their fatty tissues in their humps minimizes insulation throughout their body and this allows them to survive even on extremely hot places.

Horned Viper

Top 10 Desert Animals - Horned Viper

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Distinct for its horn-like scales, the horned viper is usually found in the Middle East. The bite of a horned viper is not fatal but can lead to abdominal pain, sweating, and even kidney failure.

Dorcas Gazelle

Top 10 Desert Animals - Dorcas Gazelle

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The norcas gazelle is usually found in the north Africa and in Sahara. It can go without water as it can hydrate itself through plants.


Top 10 Desert Animals - Jerboa

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Jerboa can be mistaken into a mouse or rat. It is about 2 to 6 inches in length and has a tail that is longer than its head and body.

Dung Beetle

Top 10 Desert Animals - Dung Beetle

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Dung literally means “poop”. These beetles are named as such because they feed on feces.

Fennec Fox

Top 10 Desert Animals - Fennec Fox

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The fennec fox is the smallest fox in the world. Typically found in the Sahara, this is a nocturnal animal that feeds on plants and rodents. Among its distinctive features are its bat-like ears.

Addax Antelope

Top 10 Desert Animals - Addax Antelope

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A unique feature of the addax antilope is that its coat could vary depending on the season. It can be greyish brown during winter and a lighter brown colour during summer.

Monitor Lizard

Top 10 Desert Animals - Monitor Lizard

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The cold-blooded monitor lizard has a long tongue that is highly sensitive to taste and smell. It’s a known predator in the desert that does its hunting during the day.

Deathstalker Scorpion

Top 10 Desert Animals - Deathstalker Scorpion

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The colour of the deathstalker scorpion varies depending on its environment. People with history of heart disease or allergies are more likely to die from its sting.


Top 10 Desert Animals - Hyena

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Hyenas are carnivorous animals found in the desert. They are usually aggressive and have been known to attack animals and even humans.

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