Top Ten Fastest Animals

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Top 10 Fastest Animals - Cheetah

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When it comes to speed, the cheetah tops the list. It can run for 75 mph and can increase in just 3 seconds.


Top 10 Fastest Animals - Springbok

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This medium-sized antelope-gazelle may not be as fast as the cheetah but it can reach a speed of 62 mph. It also can jump up to 13 feet high.

Pronghorn Antelope

Top 10 Fastest Animals - Pronghorn Antelope

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The pronghorn antelope can run up to 55 mph. It may not beat the cheetah’s record but it can sustain its speed longer than the cats.

House Centipede

Top 10 Fastest Animals - House Centipede

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Its multiple legs allow it to sprint at 420 mm per second. This is equivalent to a human speed of 42 mph.

Blue Wildebeest

Top 10 Fastest Animals - Blue Wildebeest

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This animal matches the lion’s speed at 80 km/h.


Top 10 Fastest Animals - Lion

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Lions are not only good predators, they are also among the fastest animals running at about 50 mph.

Brown Hare

Top 10 Fastest Animals - Brown Hare

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Its long legs enable them to reach a speed of 77 km/h. It’s the same speed as its predator – the red fox.

Mako Shark

Top 10 Fastest Animals - Mako Shark

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The Shortfin Mako Shark is the fastest among the shark species. It can go as fast as 48 km/h.


Top 10 Fastest Animals - Ostrich

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Considered as the fastest animal on two legs, the ostrich can reach a speed of 97.5 km/h.

Tiger Beetle

Top 10 Fastest Animals - Tiger Beetle

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The tiger beetle can go as fast 13 km/h. Its speed is said to be 22 times than that of a human sprinter.


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